Why BlogNetworkWatch.Net?

About 3 weeks ago, Duncan Riley from from the Blog Herald and one of the co-founders of the new blog network b5media, put out his 3rd revision of a list of network blogs. Shortly after, talks of new blog networks that were about to launch dominated the pro-blogging scene. Around this time, I thought to myself that a blog about blog networks was not a half bad idea so I signed up a free blog called BlogNetworkBlog.blogsome.com to test the idea out.

I didn’t tell anyone about this blog and really was only using it as a place for me to store information about blog networks that I came across so that I could learn more about them. The first post was that list of blog networks v.3 from the Blog Herald. Within 12 hours I had received 4 comments, 3 from blog network owners asking me to add their networks to the list, and one from an unknown reader that told me to check out a post on ProBlogger. A few moments later, I am over on ProBlogger.net reading a post titled “BlogNetworkWatch Launches“. I guess the idea wasn’t half bad after all.

BlogNetworkWatch was started by Martin Neumann from HomeOfficeVoice. He has a bit more blogging experience than I do and knew that with all the hype around blog networks, that a blog about blog networks was more than just not a half bad idea. It was actually a pretty darn good idea. A great idea to be honest. He set up shop and BlogNetoworkWatch.com was born.

Through some strange ironic twist of fate Martin announced that he was closing up shop on BlogNetWorkWatch.com after only one week of being up and running.

Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that (maybe) I’d rather be a part of a network than writing about one – and damn it, you cant do justice by doing both. I don’t want to be in a position of conflict-of-interest, and that’s exactly what Id be in if one day I were to join a network and continue writing about them all. So its best to pull the pin right now.

Martin goes as far to tell anyone that is interested in doing something similar to what he started with BlogNetowrkWatch.com, to just Do It! With that being said. BlogNetworkWatch.net was born.


  1. Sounds good! :)

  2. Cool. Good luck. :)

  3. Robb … Happy to be of inspiration to you ;-)

    All the best and you can bet your dollar I’ll be back and commenting.

  4. Best of luck… :)

  5. Good move. Please don’t stop after a few weeks ;)


  1. Some ARE Going For It!

    In my previous “goodbye” post I ended it by saying that others who want to do something similar to what I did (for that one week) to just go ahead and … Do It!
    And golly gosh a bunch of them have! I’m impressed and slightly ho…

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